With the help of volunteers, Berkshire Bounty has collected and donated

228,031 pounds

of nutritious food, including: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy during 2020, and

129,685 pounds
in 2019
33,048 pounds
in 2018
8,296 pounds
in 2017

Thank you to all!

Berkshire Bounty

…providing food to those in need

During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people suffering from food insecurity has materially increased due to school closings, job layoffs and compensation reductions. Berkshire Bounty is using donations to purchase nutritious food for delivery to those in need. Please donate what you can. THANK YOU, and STAY SAFE!

November 5, 2020

Seasons change, and Berkshire Bounty activities change with it. Our apple gleaning season is over. We gathered over 7,000 pounds of apples, with the able assistance of Greenagers – young people concerned about the natural world around us. Thank you, Greenagers. We also note the end of the growing season, and our collections from local farms and the Great Barrington Farmers Market. We will miss those beautiful and nutritious fruits and vegetables. That said, we continue to receive very substantial food donations from our supermarket partners.

We are expanding our presence in Pittsfield by partnering with Janie and Larry Pellish, co-chairs of the Social Action Committee at Temple Anshe Amunim, who have been delivering food for years to those in need in the Pittsfield area. We will be providing donated and purchased high protein dairy products to additional pantries in Pittsfield. We have also enlisted a new cadre of volunteers in Pittsfield to help us implement this expansion.

Berkshire Bounty continued to have a growing impact on our market area, in terms of increased collections and deliveries, which now exceed 200,000 pounds in 2020, compared with 130,000 in all of 2019. Included are our purchases of over 40,000 pounds of food this year – a direct result of the generosity of our donors. We plan to significantly step up these activities in upcoming months.

Our monthly Mobile Food Drive continues to accomplish its twin purposes – collecting a significant amount of food (averaging well over 2,000 pound each month, and at 2,800 pounds in November), and providing an opportunity for local residents to help those in need. We thank all those who are providing food and/or financial support in the food drives, which take place on the first Tuesday of each month.

We remain concerned about the increasing need to supply food during the winter months due to state funding for food being at risk due to the COVID-related contraction of State revenues, as well as the unpredictability of Federal stimulus funding.

FYI – We recently became aware of Berkshire Bounty Farm in New Marlborough. There is no connection between the two organizations other than a cordial understanding that both organizations will continue to use the same name.

Berkshire Bounty Contact Information:, 33 Commonwealth Avenue, Great Barrington, MA 01230, Mark Lefenfeld: 413 717-5842, Jay Weintraub: 201 306-1964