With the help of volunteers, Berkshire-Bounty has collected and donated

40,818 pounds

of fruit and vegetables during 2019, and

33,048 pounds
in 2018
8,296 pounds
in 2017

Thank you to all!


…providing food to those in need

UPDATE: May 30, 2019

The new Berkshire Bounty is off to a strong start, following the merger of its two predecessors -- Backyard Bounty of the Berkshires and Berkshires Bounty. We are now in a consolidation mode, deciding how to best use our volunteers to maximize the efficiency of the new, larger organization. We have already taken advantage of new growth opportunities that will further expand our collections and distributions. In fact, both the providers and users of the fresh produce we deliver have told us that they have capacity to increase their involvement with Berkshire Bounty. The limiting factor, as always, is for us to locate and integrate more volunteers willing to devote a few hours a week (or even in a month) to picking up and delivering boxes of fresh produce. We’re more confident than ever that we can meet that challenge and continue to grow, in large measure due to the creation of our refrigerated storage unit last year and the purchase of a van that has materially increased our pick-up and delivery volume capacity.