With the help of volunteers, Berkshire Bounty has collected and donated

89,442 pounds

of nutritious food, including: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy during 2020, and

129,685 pounds
in 2019
33,048 pounds
in 2018
8,296 pounds
in 2017

Thank you to all!

Berkshire Bounty

…providing food to those in need

During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people suffering from food insecurity has materially increased due to school closings, job layoffs and compensation reductions. Berkshire Bounty is using donations to purchase nutritious food for delivery to those in need. Please donate what you can. THANK YOU, and STAY SAFE!

June 6, 2020

The needs of food insecurity are great, and growing, but so is the generosity of our donor base. We thank you all for continuing to provide funding for our food purchase program. We are buying food from two sources for delivery five times each month to those in need. To date in 2020, we’ve purchased 20,000 pounds of food, which is the equivalent of 16,600 meals.

Berkshire Bounty held its first Mobile Food Drive on June 2nd. We collected and delivered 800 pounds of canned and packaged goods to People’s Pantry in Great Barrington. Thanks go to all the food donors and volunteer drivers who made this program a success. We plan to repeat the process on the first Tuesday of every month.

Delivering more food to more people is our overarching goal and commitment. Sourcing food is a major challenge. Due to the continuing and expanding efforts of Guido’s Fresh Marketplace, we’re able to start a new, regular weekly pick-up and delivery this month. Berkshire Bounty volunteers will pick up produce and other fresh, nutritious food at Guido’s in Pittsfield, and deliver that food to Community Health Programs/CHP for distribution to the Neighborhood Health Center (NHC) and Berkshire Pediatrics in Pittsfield, for distribution to food insecure patients and their families. This will be the second day of pick-ups at the Guido’s in Pittsfield, in addition to the food donated at the Great Barrington location. Thank you, Guido’s!

We extend thanks and gratitude to the Jewish Women’s Foundation, for awarding a $1,000 grant to Berkshire Bounty. These funds, along with other donations, will be used to continue to purchase food at wholesale or reduced prices.

Our year-to-date total of food collected and distributed reached 72,000 pounds at the end of May, up from 42,000 during the same period in 2019. We’re proud of the growth, but sobered by the reality that it’s needed and is a small step in meeting the demand for food.

We’re pleased that our roster of volunteers continues to grow. Still, we encourage those who want to lend a hand to register as volunteers on our website (

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