Mel Greenberg – A resident of Alford, Mel recognized the need to help those suffering food insecurity and founded Berkshires Bounty more than 25 years ago to help remedy the issue. Mel also had a 15-year involvement with Breaking Bread Kitchen which provided weekly dinners to those in need in South County. He retired as real estate broker following a prior career as an electrical engineer. Mel passed away soon after Backyard Bounty merged with Berkshires Bounty during 2019. He is sorely missed by everyone in Berkshire Bounty and everyone who knew him and his good works.

Jay Weintraub – An Alford resident, Jay has a history of community involvement. He instituted Alford-Assist where town residents can post requests for help from neighbors. Jay has also long been active in the effort to plan, install and oversee a municipal-owned fiber-optic network in Alford. Jay is a retired Wall Street financial analyst. He co-founded Backyard Bounty of the Berkshires with Mark Lefenfeld in 2015.

Mark Lefenfeld - A resident of Great Barrington, Mark has long been active in the community. He sat on the Great Barrington Finance Committee for many years and is also a past president of Hevreh of Southern Berkshire, a significantly sized congregation in Great Barrington. Mark is a retired investment banker. He co-founded Backyard Bounty of the Berkshires with Jay Weintraub in 2015.

Berkshire Bounty is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations to Berkshire Bounty are tax deductible.