Our Story

This is the story of Berkshires Bounty and Backyard Bounty of the Berkshires -- two separate but similar organizations that have recently joined to become one.

Berkshires Bounty founder Mel Greenberg has been delivering food to those in need for over 25 years and has built productive relationships with food providers, food distribution organizations, volunteers and financial donors.

Backyard Bounty of the Berkshires founders Jay Weintraub and Mark Lefenfeld started a parallel effort in 2015 that has grown to become comparable in size and function to Berkshires Bounty. Through the generosity of individual contributors and grantors (Green Pastures, Berkshire Agricultural Ventures and Jewish Women’s Foundation), Backyard Bounty was able to build a refrigerated storage space and establish a network of relationships that complemented and even overlapped with the relationship network of Berkshires Bounty.

The two organizations combined operations during early 2019 and now operate as a single entity, Berkshire-Bounty, in order to create new opportunities for efficiency and growth. We will continue to rely on the Backyard Bounty Board of Advisors, made up of local people with deep knowledge of food insecurity issues that are prevalent in the Berkshires.

  • Andrew Morehouse, Executive Director, Food Bank of Western Massachusetts
  • Cynthia Pansing, Executive Director, Berkshire Agricultural Ventures
  • Peter Stanton, Executive Director, The Nutrition Center
  • Barbara Zheutlin, recently retired Executive Director, Berkshire Grown